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Information Technology


Information Technology

Leaders within the information technology industry are facing significant pressure to develop increasingly innovative products and adaptive services. They are focused on deploying new technologies, mobility initiatives, cloud computing, applications support and security. Innovation must be continuous and allow companies to remain on the leading edge of product and services development.

We support all major segments of the IT industry. Our comprehensive position ensures we offer you sound perspective and practical solutions that optimize your value chain. Baanyan offers a wide range of services designed to assist IT companies in meeting their business goals. Utilizing sound delivery methodologies, best practices and industry-leading expertise, our suite of services frees you from owning resources, workflows, functions or complexity that you do not want or need to manage.

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Financial Services

Financial Services

After significant turmoil in 2008 and 2009, the financial services industry is establishing a new normal. Change is here, and leaders within the industry are helping to guide the way to a more powerful, profitable and sustainable future.

We support all major segments of the financial services industry. Our comprehensive position ensures we offer you sound perspective and practical solutions that optimize your value chain. Baanyans’ suite of services is designed to address the needs and challenges faced by all segments of the financial services industry. Each service is supported by dedicated financial services experts who can share industry best practices and insight, while partnering with you to build and deliver a tailored solution.



Leaders within the healthcare industry face a changing landscape. They must undertake complex initiatives with the ultimate goal of improving patient care. It is not enough to face challenges as they arise; rather, proactive planning and partnerships with the right services providers can mean the difference between success and expensive, burdensome rework.

Our comprehensive position ensures we offer you sound perspective and practical solutions that optimize your value chain. Baanyan's partners with all segments of the healthcare industry to tackle the most challenging issues within the healthcare sector. To ensure our solutions generate maximum value, our range of healthcare IT services and supporting delivery methodologies are tailored to address the unique needs of healthcare organizations in each segment.

Government Services

Government Services

Our unique Technology and Operations approach offers a business outcome-based model; enabling our customers to derive maximum value through increasing efficiency and focusing on results. This approach enables government organizations to pay only for outputs – measurable outcomes, rather than inputs – activities to get to a deliverable. This shares the risk, reduces costs, and improves results.

Baanyan’s government solutions provides focused attention for our government customers “federal, state and local”, supported by deep domain and global delivery expertise. A diversified, well-trained and motivated talent pool of people delivers solutions based around a mature global delivery model to clients across the North Americas and Asia-Pacific. With the reach and global-spanning capabilities of our delivery centers, we are large enough to be resourceful and small enough to be flexible, making us one of the most dynamic and highly adaptable IT service giants, to help our government customers serve their constituents and support their mission.



Baanyan is an expert in the following technologies. Its employees delivering extraordinary solutions in various industries using:


•     Java/J2EE
•     Networking and Cyber Security
•     C# and DOT NET
•     Cyber Security
•     Business Intelligence
•     Power BI
•     OBIEE
•     Salesforce
•     Bigdata and Data Science

We do our best to deliver unmatched, professional and dynamic IT management solutions and outstanding customer service. We attempt to maintain quality relationships with all of our business clients.
Networking and Cybersecurity

When designing a network infrastructure for your company, it’s important to consult the help of an IT professional, because networking and computer systems are complicated to set up and maintain properly, and knowing the right hardware to purchase for your business can be a challenge.
You can count on us to provide you with the best network solutions for your business.

Some of the networking services Baanyan provides:

•     Network Server Installation and Support
•     On-site Network Consulting Services
•     Disaster Recovery Planning
•     Network Security Services
•     Network Support Plans for Small Businesses
•     Network Installations & Design
•     Network and Computer Maintenance
•     Network Hardware & Software Support
•     Network Connectivity Troubleshooting
•     Telephone Assistance & Remote Support
•     Network Hardware Support
•     Network Operating System Maintenance.
•     Network Administration



Microsoft Windows Servers are an advanced solution for productivity and security, designed to help keep businesses up and running, do more with less and also connect with customers more effectively.

What implementing a Windows Server in your infrastructure can do for you:

Microsoft Windows Servers protect your business and prevent data loss with a more secure infrastructure which protects your business from unauthorized users and data loss

•     Built-in firewall protection
•     Enhanced secure remote access
•     Automatic data backup and ability to retrieve previous versions of files.

Increase productivity with one central location for company data

•     Quickly find the right information
•     Share record keeping
•     Collaborate on group projects

Access business information and resources form virtually anywhere at any time.

•     Securely access your network files and business applications

Managed IT

Managed IT Services is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day IT management and computer network technical support as a cost-effective method for improving business operations, instead of having full-time on-staff IT personnel.

You can count on us to provide you with the best network solutions for your business.

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